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William Koch

A student of the arts for most of his life he believes that art can be learned. It takes diligence and hard work to get there. We can listen and learn from other artists about ,techniques and styles, but to be special, an artist needs to feel the story they are telling. Life's experiences are a value resource in our education. The road can be frustrating and full of disappointments. However the true artist never gives up. The fight is worth it.

Bill's art is displayed in many corporate and private collections throughout the World.   

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 Sarah  Andreas

 There is a power within each of us to live our dreams, to choose to embrace our whole selves, heart, mind ,and body. She uses a a transformative, empowering creative process to empower and inspire collectors and clients to dare to big dreams and take action to create lives they love. I create art with mixed media  and finishes with oil paints to create a visual reminder that beauty can come out of chaos. I paint the transformation I want collectors and clients to experience. I want them to be inspired. 


Levi Keim

A painter and photographer is a member of the Tuscarawas County Art Guild and the Wilderness Center Photography Club.  Levi was fascinated in nature from the time he could walk and adventure outdoors. These experiences enhanced his desire to record the sights he was seeing and feeling lead him to photography and painting. Levi’s art has won many awards locally and has been featured in Natures Best, National Wildlife, and Wyoming Wildlife magazines.


Deb Walker

 Deb Began her pursuit in art 15 years ago when she started to experiment and work with watercolor medium. With the support of her husband Brian and family started to take art classes at the Tuscarawas County Center for the Arts in 2020. She work with a variety of mediums but watercolor is what really excites her. Deb is a true nature lover and her interest in birds, butter- flies, animals and nature are the inspiration for her creations. Other interest are sing, dancing, crafting and spending time with her family and friends.   

Deb Dragonfly_edited.jpg
Deb Peir_edited.jpg
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Michelle Wittensoldner

 An energetic, growing photographer with a great eye that can capture the moist special moments. She enjoys nature photography as well as taking family and pet portraits. She has won many awards with her nature photography. She has a way of sharing natures true beauty of the world through photography. She has had her work published in books and journals. Michelle is a member of the local photography club and the Tuscarawas County Art Guild. Michelle has a true passion for photography and it shows..

michelle 1.jpg
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Andy Liptak

Retired  Lt. Col. from the U. S. Air Force became an active wood carver.  Andy loved the outdoors, So carving animals and birds were a natural fit. To improve his skills, Andy took his first watercolor art class in 2018 at the Cuyahoga Valley Art Center with my then-friend, Betty Gribble, instructed by Sally Henson.  As my focus on art increased, I resumed carving and carved shore birds, autumn leaves, and feathers. He enjoys the feeling when people touch his art to see if the feathers are real.  Combining his watercolor and carving skills Andy has won Best of Show and many other awards. 

andy crane.jpf
IMG-2382 (1)_edited.jpg

Betty Liptak

Wayne Deyer said" "Don't die with your music still in you". My music is created with a paintbrush. My goal is to record places, events, and feelings that are too good to forget. Betty has a natural desire to be creative. Her energy and intensity are the driving force of her art.  Betty has won several awards and has had numerous sales in her pursuit of becoming an artist. Betty's works are displayed in many corporate and private collections in the region.  She has participated in various art shows receiving numerous awards for her skill as an artist. 

Betty .jpg
Betty 2_edited.jpg

Terry Barnhill

Statement to follow.

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Gina Judy

A retired teacher holds a MA from Ohio University. She is a signature member of eight art societies and has shown in 20 state competitions. Her work has been part of The Ohio Watercolor Society, 121st Philadelphia int'l Works on paper and the 2022 annual Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolors.


She works from life experiences to create a visual moment that the viewer can remember and enjoy the feeling they felt when observing her heart felt creations.

lady GJ.jpg
Gina_Judy_Ballet Series VII_edited.jpg

William Schultz

Statement to follow

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Karen Thornton

Statement to follow

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Pat Diluizo

Statement to follow

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