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Deb Walker

river gravel II a.jpg

Sometimes on a journey, you do not always understand all the directions and purpose along the way. My journey of becoming an artist has been very similar. I had an interest in art at a young age but I did not start my interest in watercolor until 2007. Through the process of trial and error, I experimented and had fun with it. Mother of 3 children( at that time 2 and one on the way), I found solice and comfort in watercolor. It was not until 2020 did I more seriously pursue art .With the instruction of Bill Koch, I began growing my art skills and talent. I also found that in all my struggles with depression since 2016, watercolor was one of the few things that just seemed to heal my mind. Watercolor is still my first love but now I have also experimented with acrylic and mixed media. Art is a true testimony for me to share how God has continued to heal me from depression. Now that I am a professional artist, I have made it my mission to encourage others in their pursuit of art. God has given each of us our life and talents for us to share with others. I encourage you in your own pursuit in the Lord and that your own talents can be used for Him whatever they may be.

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