2019 September Meeting

 " Back to School,...Back to Art" was the topic for the Tuscarawas County Art Guild's September meeting at the Center for the Arts. Secretary, Jane Gartrell, asked members to look back at the old schools they attended, and did the they have kindergarten back then,...and did they have art teachers then ? Some did and some didn't. A few of the members talked about the art classes they had in high school, not all high schools had art classes. Artist, Don Weisgarber of Beach City, shared a painting of a few schools he attended, along with the West grade school picture shared by Gartrell.


 President, Bill Koch of Dennison, talked about the recent Art Show the guild displayed at New Dawn Retirement Community. Two,of a group of tents that had been set-up the night before were damaged after the storm carried them over the building, but there was no damage to the actual building. The show created a pleasant day with music by various musicians, and refreshments, along with visitors who enjoyed the art display.


Koch noted that the Fine Art Display, near the Food Court in the New Towne Mall, will be changing the current art display to add new artwork on October 7th.  The Art Guild is providing an opportunity for artists to participate in our third juried art show, which will take place November

9th, at the Tuscarawas Center for the Arts.  Artists 18 years and older, along with any Tuscarawas County Art Guild member, may submit a maximum of three, original works of art. For more information, contact Bill Koch at wmkochdon@gmail.com, or jgpaints@aol.com.  

2019 March Meeting

 Wood Burning on Basswood Plaques by  Jane Gartrell


      The way I got started with Wood Burning was when my husband and I  went to an event at Warther's  Wood Carving in Dover, many years ago. I was very impressed and thought maybe I could learn to carve. However, I soon realized that I didn't have the strength or the know how to use the metal utensils and would be no good with the three dimensional effects.                           


       A few days later, I went looking thru a cabinet we had in the basement, that contained tools and arts & craft items, including a wood burning pen.

So I found some scrap wood and decided to draw something with the pen. Not sure, but I think it was an owl. I kept looking for more wood and eventually came across some basswood plaques, and the rest was history.


        If you choose to purchase basswood, handle the plaques carefully when removing the cellophane as to not pull off some of the bark on the edges.

If a piece is loose, you can glue it back on, or if it doesn't fit, you will have to let it go. It's a natural bark that will still leave a dark brown area that will blend in with the rest of the bark.


        Before I purchase the plaques, I give them a once over to see if they have any loose pieces of bark. I also look at the front and back of the plaques to see if there is a bad place on any of them. If it is really bad, it will probably have the label placed over that area on the front of the plaque. If I purchased the plaque through the mail, they won't take it back. So I would try to work around that bad spot and include it in the drawing to camouflage it. 


          I draw my subject matter with pencil on the basswood plaque first. I rest the pen on a metal holder that should have come with it. Plug it in and let it heat up. Be sure there is no paper or other items close to the pen. I hold the pen like a pencil. As a beginner, you should try some strokes on a piece of scrap board. I start with the outlines, being sure not to hold the point down in one space too long. Just "draw" like you do with a pencil. You can always go over it if you want it darker. After working on the plaque for awhile, I have to put on a glove because it is getting too hot. 


I purchase basswood plaques thru the mail from Walnut Hollow.   American Made.

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