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Robert Walker

The Life and Times of an Emerging Artist

I have been dabbling in art all of my life. I worked in the field when I was a young fellow with a stint at Autry Brothers in Denver Colorado as a staff artist, and later as an artist in a stained-glass window studio in Pasadena California. However, the needs of raising a family, eating, and surviving to my current age, ended that dream years ago.

I spent the major part of my working career as a Plant Manager for the Genie Company, first in an electronic assembly plant in Brewster, Ohio, then later at an assembly operation in Baltic, Ohio.

However, when I retired a few years ago, I picked up the dream of an art career where I left it, moved to Loudonville Ohio, and opened the Stonewall Art Gallery in a large house that was built in 1898, in Loudonville, Ohio.

 The Stonewall Gallery and my time in Loudonville came to an end in early 2019. My wife Judy and I realized we were no longer able to maintain that life style, so we downsized to a smaller home in Sugarcreek Ohio, and began a new adventure.

Part of our adventure is that I have displayed my art in the Alley Cats Marketplace in New Philadelphia, have joined the Tuscarawas Artists Guild, and have sold my lawnmower.

Now I am selling my art online at the Emerging Artist Website , TUSCArts Cooperative Gallery and the Alley Cats Marketplace; I am enjoying my retirement, and I am currently working in polymer clays.  


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